Sik Colors Specialty Coatings

Located in South Florida, Sik Colors Specialty Coatings provides you with the most professional specialty painting services around. With unmatched experience and extensive knowledge of the painting industry, Sik Colors ensures quality with every job; Including Industrial, Ceramic, Marine, Military and Aerospace coatings, and much more.

We are the Specialty Coating Experts. 

Specialty Coatings

Look no further for the best specialty coating services in Florida. More than likely, if you name it, we can coat it. Specializing in Industrial, Marine/yacht, Military & Aerospace, Ceramic, and much more.

Our services are not limited to industrial, but also custom projects, so give us a call to see if we can help you. It’s worth it.

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Special & Custom Projects

Complete consultation will be provided when entering your project. Feel free to ask us questions, seek advice, and trust all of your projects with Sik Colors.

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Sik Colors is dedicated to our clients. From simple jobs, to large projects, our painters put in their 100% effort.

We exceed Industry Standards

Sik Colors applies quality coatings in strict compliance with manufacturer’s & SSPC industry standards.

Military Compliance

All of our work abides to military and federal specifications.

Specialty Painting Is What We Do.